9th International Conference On Energy Efficiency In Domestic Appliances and Lighting


DAY 1 Wednesday, September 13 (8 am – 7:30 pm)

DAY 2 Thursday, September 14 (8 am – 9 pm)

DAY 3 Friday, September 15 (8 am – 2:30 pm)

Please note, UC Irvine is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is not allowed anywhere (indoors or outdoors) on the campus.


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DAY 1 Wednesday, September 13

7 am  Breakfast | PACIFIC BALLROOM

8 am Registration | PACIFIC BALLROOM LOBBY

9 am WELCOME: Pramod Khargonekar, (UC Irvine Vice Chancellor for Research)

9:15 – 10:30 am | PLENARY SESSION: Industry Representative Panel | PACIFIC BALLROOM
Chair: Doug Johnson, CTA
Welcome UCI, Calplug and JRC

10:30 – 11 am Coffee Break – Exhibitor Showcase | PACIFIC BALLROOM LOBBY

11 am – 12:30 pm Parallel Session 1-4

1 BUILDING SIMULATION (chair: Alan Meier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) | DOHENY BEACH A

Multi-Input Forward Converter for Renewable Sources
Nimrod Vazquez, Miriam Maximo, Rene Osorio and Claudia Hernandez
(Instituto Tecnologico de Celaya)

Understanding the Value of Information in Residential Building Simulation: Comparing Simulated and Actual Building Loads at the Circuit Level
Brock Glasgo, Inês Azevedo and Chris Hendrickson 
(Carnegie Mellon University)

Residential Plug Load Energy Simulation Using a Range of Usage Profiles
Linyi Xia, Joy Pixley, Xiaocheng Shen and G.P. Li, (CalPlug)

2 POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES  (chair: Tom Catania, University of Michigan) | DOHENY BEACH B

Impacts of a Loophole in US Fluorescent Lamp Efficiency Standards
Chris Granda and Joanna Mauer (Appliance Standards Awareness Project)

Evaluating Energy Savings from Replacement of Old Refrigerators
Lloyd Harrington and Michael Tibbs
 (Energy Efficient Strategies)

Assessing the Cost-Effective Energy Saving Potential from Top 10 Appliances and Equipment in India
Nikit Abhyankar, Nihar Shah, Virginie Letschert and Amol Phadke 
(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

3 BUILDINGS 1 (chair: Benoit Lebot, IPEEC) | EMERALD BAY A

Identifying Opportunities for Saving Energy Through Code Compliance
Vrushali Mendon and Josh Butzbaugh (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Learning the Best from the Best A Comprehensive National Review of Residential New Construction Builders’ Program Best Practice Sales, Marketing, Training and Design Support
Jay Luboff and Kevin Cooney

Economic Impacts of Deploying Different Batteries with or without a PV Generator in a Brazilian Commercial Building
Luan G. M. Santos, Paulo Henrique B. S. Oliveira, Izana N. R. Vilela, Gilberto M. Jannuzzi and Carla K. N. Cavaliero (UNICAMP)

4 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 1 (chair: Pierre Delforge, NRDC) | EMERALD BAY C

Smart Home Shopping: Insights from Research at Retailers 

Angela Sanguinetti, Beth Karlin and Becky Ford
 (UC Davis)

Behavioral Program Retention Results: The Latest
Dana D’Souza, Michael Santulli,and Lisa Skumatz (Skumatz Economic Research Associates – SERA)

Tier 2 Advanced Power Strips – Revisiting Behavior Based Models for Estimation of Savings in Laboratory and Field Trial Evaluations
Michael Klopfer, Joy Pixley, Klint Segarra and GP Li
 (CalPlug, UC Irvine)

12:30 –  1:30 pm Lunch | PACIFIC BALLROOM

1:30 – 3:30 pm Parallel Session 5-8

5 MONITORING (chair: Jim McMahon, Better Climate Research and Policy Analysis) | DOHENY BEACH A

Tracking the Energy Efficiency of Whitegoods in Australia
Lloyd Harrington (Energy Efficient Strategies)

How has the European White Goods Market Changed in the Past 10 Years? – Analysis based on sales data reveals constant improvements, contradictory trends, and big successes for a new technology
Anette Michel, Sophie Attali, Eric Bush, Therese Kreitz and Carlos Tanides (Ecotope and Topten International Services)

Trends in Residential Energy Consumption in the EU and Impact of Energy Efficiency Policies

Paolo Bertoldi
 (European Commission, JRC, Renewable Energy Unit)

Residential Consumer Electronics Energy Consumption in the United States in 2016
Bryan Urban, Kurt Roth and Mahendra Singh
 (Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems)

6 STANDARDS AND LABELS 1 (chair: Chad Galinat, US Department of Energy) | DOHENY BEACH B

Applying Standards and Labeling Principles to Clean Cookstove Programs in Ghana
Yang Yu, Nicole Kearney and Michael Spiak 

Regional Harmonization of Energy Efficiency Standards for Appliances
Ajit Advani, Steve Kukoda and Patrick Blake 
(International Copper Association and UN Environment_FR)

How Cookstove Labels Influence Consumer Behavior and Attitudes in Ghana
Michael Spiak, Yang Yu, Nicole Kearney, Ranyee Chiang, Paula Edze and Ruth Essuman (CLASP)

Multivariate Regression as a Transparent Method for Providing Allowances in ENERGY STAR Specifications
Mateusz Malinowski and Dan Baldewicz (ICF)


The Global Advanced Cooling Database: Tracking Deployment of Climate-Friendly Cooling Technology Worldwide
Brian Gerke, Gabrielle Dreyfus 
(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Baseline Evaluation and Policy Implications for Air Conditioners in Indonesia 

Virginie Letschert, Brian Gerke, Michael Mcneil, Chad Gallinat and Edi Sartono (LBNL)

Soup to Nuts on NEBs – Methods, Results, and Application at the Utility and the Regulatory Level
Lisa Skumatz, Michael Santulli, and Dana D’Souza (SERA- Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc)

8 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 2 (chair: Michael J. Klopfer, CalPlug) | EMERALD BAY C

Cooking: Consumer’s Influence on Energy Consumption
Rainer Stamminger and Jasmin Geppert (University of Bonn)

Investigation of Consumer’s Behaviour Towards Investments in Household Energy Efficient Appliances
Mattia Baldini, Alessio Trivella and Jordan Wente (Technical University of Denmark)

Resident Experiences Using Load Management Devices in an Australian Monitored Low-Energy Housing Development
David Whaley, Stephen Berry and Peter Pudney (University of South Australia)

Household Behaviour and Energy Efficiency: Quantile Regression to Estimate Rebound Effect in Domestic Energy Consumption
Fateh Belaid and Adel Ben Youssef 
(CSTB & Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées Paris)

3:30 – 4 pm Coffee Break – Exhibitor Showcase | PACIFIC BALLROOM LOBBY

4 – 5:30 pm Parallel Session 9-12

9 BUILDINGS 2 (chair: Anibal T. De Almeida, University of Coimbra) | DOHENY BEACH A

Using BIM to Enhance the ESCO Services used in the Setting up of Neighbourhood Management Systems
Luke Allan and Qinhua Wang (Shantou University)

DC Appliances and DC Power Distribution: A Bridge to the Future Net Zero Energy Home 

Vagelis Vossos, Stephen Pantano and Richard Brown


Technical and Economic Assessment of Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Options for Zero Energy Residential Buildings

Pedro Moura, Diogo Monteiro, André Assunção, Filomeno Vieira and Aníbal de Almeida

Current Source DC/AC Converter for Renewable Sources
Alejandro Cardoso, Nimrod Vazquez, Claudia Hernandez and Joaquin Vaquero (Instituto Tecnologico de Celaya)

PV Technical Potential in the United States with a Focus on Non-Profit Buildings and the Associated Regional Health and Environmental Benefits
Nichole Hanus, Inês Azevedo, Gabrielle Wong-Parodi and Alex Davis
 (Carnegie Mellon University)

11 POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES 3 (chair: Anne Arquit Niederberger, Enervee) | EMERALD BAY A

The National Top Runner Initiative (NTRI) in Germany – Retailers as Gatekeepers Between Manufacturers and Consumers. How to address Retailers to Promote Energy Efficient Appliances
Claus Barthel, Lena Tholen, Anton Barckhausen, Johannes Fehr and Thomas Bogner
 (Wuppertal Institute)

Addressing Growing Plug-Load Energy Consumption with Innovative Program Design – Results of the Retail Products Platform Pilot
Michael Lukasiewicz, Scott Fable, Peter Banwell and Tim Michel
 (Navitas Partners, Inc.)

Leading the Way with Most Efficient Products: International Comparative Analysis of Most Efficient Product Recognition Programs and Implications for China’s New Efficiency Top Runner
Nina Khanna, Nan Zhou, Pengcheng Li, Meng Liu and Yanyan Peng
 (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

12 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 3 (chair: Joy Pixley, CalPlug) | EMERALD BAY C

How People Are Using Home Appliances in Southeast Asian Countries? – Evidence from a Comparative Analysis of Southeast Asia and Japan
Ji Xuan, Azusa Takayama, Chiharu Murokoshi, Hidetoshi Nakagami and Hiroto Takaguchi (Jyukankyo Research Institute)

Why Consumers in Europe Do Not Use an Automatic Dishwasher to Clean Their Dishes?
Rainer Stamminger, Ina Hook and Angelika Schmitz (University of Bonn)

Finding the “Reach” in Outreach to Change Behaviors
Dana D’Souza, Michael Santulli, Dawn Bement and Lisa Skumatz (SERA- Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc)

5:30 pm  A Taste of California” Reception Dinner – Langson Library Plaza, UC Irvine (Last Wednesday shuttle to hotels leaves UC Irvine at 8:30 pm.)

DAY 2 Thursday, September 14

7 am Breakfast | PACIFIC BALLROOM


Chair: G.P Li, (CalPlug) and Paolo Bertoldi, (European Commission JRC)

10 – 10:30 am Coffee Break – Exhibitors Showcase | PACIFIC BALLROOM LOBBY

10:30 am – 12:30 pm Parallel Session 13-16

13 SMART HOMES (chair: Kevin Messner, AHAM) | DOHENY BEACH A

Home Energy Management System: An Overview 

Helia Zandi, Teja Kuruganti, Edward Allan Vineyard and David L. Fugate
 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives and Roles in the HEMS Space
Beth Karlin, Angela Sanguinetti and Rebecca Ford 
(See Change Institute)

Using Human Gestures to Control a Building’s Heating and Cooling System
Alan Meier (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

What if We Made a Smart Home and Nobody Came? 

William Goetzler, Jeremy Rosenblatt and Jim Young
 (Navigant Consulting, Inc.)


Labelling for “Smartness” – Problems for Energy Labeling and Standards Schemes 

George Wilkenfeld
 (George Wilkenfeld & Associates)

Changes in the Home Comfort Market: the A+++ and A++ Growth and the New Connectivity Opportunities
[Previously recorded] Roberto Fogliata and Filippo Dozzi

Relationship between Appliance Prices and Energy-Efficiency Standards and Labeling Policies: Empirical Evidence from Residential Air Conditioners 

Won Young Park, Amol Phadke, Nikit Abhyankar and Nihar Shah
 (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

A Consumer Oriented Digital Label to Improve Energy Labeling Impact
Nicole Kearny, Elisabeth Dütschke, Uta Schneider, Johanna Kardel, Margarita Puente, Michael Scholand and Katie Searle 
(Fraunhofer Institute)

15 APPLIANCES (chair: Luise Christmann, Miele) | EMERALD BAY A
The Quest for Energy Efficiency in Ceiling Fans for a Mass Market

Durgasharan Krishnamurthy
 (Versa Drives Private Limited)

Fighting Food Waste and Saving Energy in Household Refrigeration
René Kemna and Freija van Holsteijn 

Heat Pump Clothes Dryers in the Pacific Northwest
Christopher Dymond and Stephanie Baker 
(Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance)

Replacing HFC Refrigerant with HF Refrigerant Resulting in 7-10% Higher Energy Efficiency
Manfred Staebler and Gerhard Fuchs 
(BSH Home Appliances)

16 HEATING, COOLING AND WATER HEATING 1 (chair: Gilberto M Jannuzzi, University of Campinas) | EMERALD BAY C

Cool People: Wearable and Personal Comfort Products that will Contribute to an Overall Energy Efficiency Strategy
Paolo Bertoldi Authors: Jason Erwin
 and Nils Borg (Borg & Co)

Electric Energy Saving in Building HVAC and Domestic Refrigerators by Vapor Compression Power Regeneration Cycles
Giovanni Cerri, Leila Chennaoui and Sayyed Benyamin Alavi
 (Roma Tre University)

Measured Performance of Hi-Efficiency Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater
Danny Parker, Carlos Colon, Tim Merrigan and Jeff Maguire 
(Florida Solar Energy Center)

Intelligent Control of Domestic and Commercial Point of Use Water Heating and Cooling Applications
Michael Klopfer, Linyi Xia, Joy Pixley, Crystal Rapier and Gp Li
 (CalPlug, UC Irvine)

12:30 – 2 pm | KEYNOTE Lunch: Wendell Brase | PACIFIC BALLROOM
What UCI has Learned Since it Started Taking Energy Efficiency Seriously

2 – 4 pm Parallel Session 17-20

17 DRYERS (chair: Paolo Falcioni, CECED) | DOHENY BEACH A

Thinking Outside the Box: The Clothes Drying Process is More than the Dryer
Amy Heidner and Dennis Heidner
 (Rextor Group)

Affordable Hybrid Heat Pump Clothes Dryer for the U.S. Residential Market 

Richard Zheng, Graham Parker, Andrew Butterfield and Alexander Crook
 (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Gauging Consumer Appetite for Super Efficient (Heat Pump) Dryers 

Ingo Bensch, Amy Webb, Ted Helvoigt and John Boroski 
(Evergreen Economics)

Dryer Usage Patterns and Energy Saving Potential During Normal Use
Lloyd Harrington
 (Energy Efficient Strategies)

18 SMART APPLIANCES 1 (chair: George Wilkenfeld, George Wilkenfeld and Associates) | DOHENY BEACH B

Smart Appliances and Smart Homes: Recent Progresses in the EU
Paolo Bertoldi and Tiago Serrenho (European Commission, JRC, Renewable Energy Unit)

Thermostats in Residential Buildings: How Updated are They? What’s the “Smart / WiFi” Penetration, Turnover Rates, and the Remaining Potential?
Michael Santulli, Lisa Skumatz and Dana D’Souza
 (SERA- Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc)

A Luke-Warm Reception: Why Consumers aren’t Overly Excited by Smart Thermostats
Kathryn Buchanan 
(University of Essex)

The Radio Teleswitch: An Historical Perspective on the Roll-out of Domestic Load Control
Michael Fell (University College London)

19 HEATING, COOLING AND WATER HEATING 2 (chair: Chris Granda, Appliance Standards Awareness Project) | EMERALD BAY A

Green On-Site Power Generation: Environmental Considerations on Small-Scale Biomass Gasifier Fuel-Cell CHP Systems for the Residential Sector 

Thomas Götz, Mathieu Saurat, Lena Tholen, Thomas Adisorn, Ingwald Obernberger, Thomas Brunner, Michael Kerschbaum, P.V. Aravind, Robert Makkus, Stefan Megel, Martin Hauth and William Zappa 
(Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Wuppertal)

U.S. HPWH Market Transformation: Where We’ve Been and a National Initiative to Help Define Where We’re Going

Josh Butzbaugh, Linda Sandahl and Michael Baechler
 (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Side-by-Side Evaluation of the Performance and Demand-Response Characteristics of Heat Pump Water Heater Technology in the PNNL Laboratory Homes

Josh Butzbaugh, Joseph Petersen, Graham Parker, Greg Sullivan, Sarah Widder and Ken Eklund 
(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Advanced MOF-Water Adsorption Heat Pumps for Space Cooling and Heating

Richard Zheng, Pete McGrail, James Davis, Jeromy Jenks, Radha Motkuri, Brian Paul, Hailei Wang and Kijoon Lee 
(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

20 TEST METHODS 1 (chair: Danny Parker, Florida Solar Energy Center) | EMERALD BAY C

Evaluation of Performance Tests of Range Hoods Used for the European Energy Efficiency Label
Arno Knieschewski, Moritz-Caspar Schlegel, Floris Akkerman and Anne Simo
 (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing)

A Methodology to Asses Consumer Relevant Aspect for Product Testing
Rainer Stamminger, Chris Spiliotopoulos, Hans-Paul Siderius, Gerhard Fuchs and Alain Roux 
(BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)

New Efficiency Metric for Fans Enables New Approaches for Efficiency Regulations and Incentives
Michael Ivanovich and Tom Catania 
(AMCA International)

Why is Knowledge on Measurement Uncertainty so Important in Setting Policies on Energy Efficiency? 

Rainer Stamminger and Chris Spiliotopoulos

4 – 4:15 pm Coffee Break | PACIFIC BALLROOM LOBBY

4:15 – 5:45 pm Parallel Session 21-24

21 POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES 4 (chair: Brock Glasgo, Carnegie Mellon University) | DOHENY BEACH A

Impacts of Domestic Products Outside the Use Phase: Literature Review and Program Strategies

Mateusz Malinowski and Thomas Hendrickson 

Loans for One and All: Examining the Equity of Energy Efficiency Financing in Rhode Island

Joseph Van Clock and Rachel Henschel
 (Research Into Action, Inc.)

It’s Nothing to Write About? How EU-Member States Address Appliances in their National Energy Efficiency Action Plans

Lena Tholen, Thomas Adisorn and Thomas Götz 
(Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy)

22 ICT (chair: Douglas Johnson, Consumer Technology Association)| DOHENY BEACH B

Behavior Adaptive Scalable Energy Management for Electronics – A Demonstration in Home Appliances and Displays
Linyi Xia, Michael Klopfer, Sergio Gago, Joy Pixley, Marco Levorato and G.P. L (CalPlug)

Shining a Light on Small Data Centers in the United States 

Mohan Ganeshalingam, Arman Shehabi and Louis Desroches 
(Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

23 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 4 (chair: Wendel Brase, UC Irvine) | EMERALD BAY A

Consumer Behaviour in Food Preparation and its Impact on Energy Consumption
Jasmin Geppert, Rainer Stamminger and Christina Lederer 
(University of Bonn)

Hot and Cold: Harnessing Consumers’ Different Decision Making Styles to Drive Energy Efficient Purchasing of Appliances
Guy Champniss and Anne Arquit Niederberger, Vivian Li

Mass-Scale, Multi-Family Benchmarking and Conservation: Lessons from a Behavioral Energy and Water Competition Pilot
Hal Nelson, Galib Rustamov, Sean Bjurstrom, Caroline Chen, Larry Tabizon and Jose Buendia 
(Residential Energy and Water Intelligence)

24 LIGHTING 1 (chair: Linda Sandahl, PNNL) | EMERALD BAY C

Sustainable Residential Lighting Practices and Light Pollution 

Leena Tähkämö
 (Aalto University)

Some Insights to the Lighting Electricity Consumption of Turkish Households
Gul Nihal Gugul and Merih Aydinalp Koksal
 (Hacettepe University)

A Language for Light: A User Interface Standard for Lighting Control
Bruce Nordman, Saikiran Dulla and Margarita Kloss (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

6 – 9:30 pm  GALA DINNER, Ocean Institute, Dana Point, Ca
(Shuttle buses depart from UC Irvine @ 6pm, Buses return to UC Irvine campus and hotels at 9:30 pm)

DAY 3 Friday, September 15

7 am Breakfast | PACIFIC BALLROOOM

8:30 – 10:30 am Parallel Session 25-28

25 Test Methods 2 (chair: Gerhard Fuchs, BSHG) | DOHENY BEACH A

Only Efficient Under Laboratory Conditions? Optimization of Energy Efficiency Test Methods for Heat Pumps 

Carsten Palkowski, Moritz-Caspar Schlegel, Floris Akkerman and Anne Simo 
(Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing)

Following the Evidence: How Quality Appliance Components Can Inform Market Surveillance Where Non-Compliance is Hiding?
Moritz-C. Schlegel, Anne Simo, Carsten Palkowski, Arno Knieschewski and Floris Akkerman 
(Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing)

Laboratory Tests of an Efficient Fan Controller in Heating and Cooling Mode on Residential HVAC Systems 

Robert Mowris
 (Verified, Inc)

Durability Testing Procedure for Washing Machines – Approach and First Learnings
Rainer Stamminger, Paolo Tecchio, Fabrice Mathieux and Fulvio Ardente (Bonn University)

26 Demand Response (chair: Jay Luboff, Navigant) | DOHENY BEACH B

Recent Developments in Access to Consumer Consumption and Billing Data for Use in Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Programs
Chris King and Bonnie Datta

Addressing the Gap Between Individual and System-Wide Demand Response Programs

Diana Neves, Catarina Rolim, André Pina and Carlos Santos Silva 
(IN+, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa)

Evaluation of the Performance of Aggregated Demand Response by the Use of Load and Communication Technologies Models 

Antonio Gabaldon, Carlos Alvarez, Jose Ignacio Moreno, Javier Matanza, Gregorio López, Sergio Valero and Maricarmen Ruiz Abellón 
(Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena)

Do Low-Income Electricity Subsidies Change Peak Consumption Behavior? 

Brock Glasgo, Evan Sherwin, Max Henrion and Inês Azevedo
 (Carnegie Mellon University)

27 Policies and Programmes 5 (chair: Lloyd Harrington, Energy Efficient Strategies) | EMERALD BAY A

Effects of Promoting Electrification and Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Building Sector for Achievement of the Climate Target Keeping Below 2℃
Tatsuya Hanaoka and Toshihiko Masui
 (National Institute for Environmental Studies)

Rhode Island Renewable Thermal Market Strategy – An Analysis of Energy, Environmental, Economic, Energy Bill, and Local Job Impacts of an Alternative Renewable Thermal Energy Future for Rhode Island

Kenji Takahashi and Ryan Cook
 (Synapse Energy Economics)

Energy Efficiency Reduces the Rate of National Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Jim Mcmahon
 (Better Climate Research and Policy Analysis)

28 Lighting 2 (chair: Edwin Hornquist, SCE) | EMERALD BAY C

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions by a Global Transition to LED Lighting in Residential Buildings
Leena Tähkämö, Baabak Ashuri and Chad Frischmann (Aalto University)

Blue-Light Leakage Evolution During LED-Lighting Products Aging 

Georges Zissis and Pascal Dupuis 
(Universite de Toulouse)

LED Lighting Efficiency: A Systems Approach
Ron Bonne (Lumileds)

10:30 – 11 am Coffee Break – Exhibitors Showcase | PACIFIC BALLROOOM LOBBY

11 am – 12:30 pm Parallel Session 29-32

29 Consumer Behaviour 5 (chair: Beth Karlin, University of Southern California) | DOHENY BEACH A

Clean Energy Campaigning that Promotes Civic Engagement Among English and Spanish Speaking Parents
Nichole Hanus and Gabrielle Wong-Parodi (Carnegie Mellon University)

Learning from the Feet on the Street: Lessons from Studying those who Serve Growing Minority Segments
Martha Wudka, Ingo Bensch and Carol Edwards
(Evergreen Economics)

Characteristics or Culture?: Determinants of Household Energy Use Behavior in China, Germany, and the U.S.
Christopher Long, Bradford Mills and Joachim Schleich
 (Virginia Tech)

30 Smart Appliances 2 (chair: Kevin Messner, AHAM) | DOHENY BEACH B

Interaction Between Home Energy Management and Smart Appliances
Josef Baumeister and Gerhard Fuchs
 (BSH Home Appliances)

ENERGY STAR: Energy Efficiency and the Smart Grid

Emilia Feldman 

Energy Reporting: Technology, Development, and Applications

Bruce Nordman and Aditya Khandekar
 (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

31 Policies and Programmes 6 (chair: Ajit Advani, International Copper Alliance) | EMERALD BAY A

Metrics to Assess the Value of National Market Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement Programmes 

Nicole Kearney and Michael Scholand

Topten: Moving with the Times to Continue Delivering Energy Savings 

Sophie Attali, Astrid Hanrot, Carlos Tanides and Tan Zheng 

Taking Customer Targeting from the Ivory Tower to the Town
Adam Scheer, Sam Borgeson and Kali RosendoBoughey, Christofer Silfvenius and Jonas Pettersson
(Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

32 Smart Meters and Feedback Systems (chair: Chris King, Siemens) | EMERALD BAY C

Utilizing Flexibility of Hybrid Appliances in Local Multi-Modal Energy Management
Ingo Mauser and Hartmut Schmeck 
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

A New Approach for Residential Real-Time Feedback using a Low-Cost Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Framework
Sergio Gago-Masague, Raquel N. Fallman, Michael J. Klopfer, Joy Pixley, Linyi Xia and G.P. Li 

Residential Consumer Driven Energy Management and Feedback
Nadia Ahmed, Marco Levorato and G.P. Li
 (Henry Samueli School of Engineering)

12:30 – 1:45 pm Lunch & Closing Plenary Session (chairs: G.P. Li. Calplug and Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission JRC) PACIFIC BALLROOM

1:45 pm End of Conference
Last Friday shuttle to hotels leaves UC Irvine at 2:30pm